The Fort Wayne Radio Club is an organization of amateur (ham) radio operators in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Use the menu above to learn more or scroll down for the latest news!

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Fri., Oct 19th, 2018, 7:00pm
Fri., Oct 19th, 2018, 7:00pm
Fri., Oct 19th, 2018, 7:00pm
Tue., Oct 30th, 2018, 7:00pm
Sun., Nov 4th, 2018, 1:30pm
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FWRC participates in the annual ARRL Field Day event every June.

FWRC conducts a monthly fox (hidden transmitter) hunt from March through November.

FWRC members bring test eqiupment to one meeting per year for the club's annual "rig clinic."

Every August, FWRC hosts a free tailgate hamfest.

FWRC members participate in the ARRL VHF QSO Party from an upper level of a parking structure.

Nov. 2014 meeting minutes available

Minutes of the November, 2014 FWRC general meeting are available for download in PDF format using the link below.

Nov. 2014 general meeting minutes
Date 2014-11-25 Filesize 57.92 KB Download 1358

Chronicles combine two fox hunts

foxhunt cartoonHave we got a deal for you! This issue of the Foxhunt Chronicles will feature a description of the hi-jinks surrounding both the October 2014 AND the November 2014 contests. "Why am I so lucky?" you may ask. Well, it's because I was out of town a lot right after the October hunt and didn't have time to attend to writing up a report of what happened in October. So I combined the October and November foxhunt descriptions, and you get two for one.

The October hunt occurred on Sunday the19th of October and featured the team of Charles Ward, KC9MUT and Fred Gengnagel, KC9EZP, the team of Bob Dean, KC9UHU and Dave Spence, K9NDU, and the team of Steve Nardin, W9SAN, Linda Nardin, W9LAN and their grandson Alex. Seven hunters in all. I really can't remember where they gathered and started the hunt from as that was way back in October, and hey, this is late November as I put this tome together. I.e., I'm getting old and forgetful.

The role of the fox was played by Jim & Annie Pliett, K9OMA & KA9YYI, plus Carole & Al Burke, WB9's RUS and SSE. They were ensconced at Klug Park, near Parkview Hospital, and hid the micro-fox just below the grate of a storm sewer at the intersection of Leroy Ave. and Lawndale Drive. They employed a mobile rig running about 25 watts and a cubical quad on the roof of Jim's van as the high power fox.

Read more: Chronicles combine two fox hunts

New photo galleries for hamfest, fox hunt bonfire

FWRC booth at 2014 Fort Wayne Hamfest

Two new photo galleries on this website feature photos from the 2014 Fort Wayne Hamfest and the final 2014 fox hunt bonfire. The links above will take you directly to each respective gallery.

FWRC November meeting to feature club history video

Please join us for the November meeting of the Fort Wayne Radio Club this coming Friday night, November 21st, at the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church. We will be meeting in the Middle high rooms on the north side of the building, with windows facing Vance Avenue. Raasch hall, where we usually meet, will be taken by a seniors' Thanksgiving meal.

The presentation for the evening will be a video trip through some of the FWRC's past including clips from the ATV repeater and other activities that the club has been involved with. Jim Pliett, K9OMA, will be the presenter. Join us for a fun look into past club activities.

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FWRC membership promotion successful

Hopefully, all of you got to attend the 2014 edition of the Fort Wayne Hamfest. Let's have a round of applause again for the folks at ACARTS for putting on the best hamfest in the state!

And a big TNX to all that signed up and paid their 2015 dues for the FWRC. The "incentive" raffle radio, a Kenwood TS-440 with PS-50 supply, was a successful carrot, as we easily paid for the radio above and beyond our cost. The additional tickets did the trick!

W9SAN congratulates KC9UHU on his raffle winThe lucky winner of the radio was Robert Dean, KC9UHU. As for our membership drive we concluded with 83 hams on the books for 2015. Fantastic!

If you missed this opportunity, please take the time to fill out a membership application and send it in with your check! We had a record year in 2014 with 119 members; haven't been that high since the early 80's!

Thanks again for supporting the FW Hamfest and FWRC!

(and congratulations to Mellissa Jenks for getting her ticket!)

FWRC 2014 Field Day station scores 3rd

W9TE finished third among Indiana section entrants in the 2014 ARRL Field Day event, behind Lake County and Indianapolis clubs. The FWRC entry finished eighth nationally in the 6A category. Complete results are on ARRL webpage.

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