Field Day 2017 photos available

Fort Wayne Radio Club Field Day 2017 Activity

Photos from the 2017 FWRC Field Day operation are available in this web site's photo gallery.

June 2017 meeting minutes available

Use the link below to download the minutes of the June, 2017 general meeting of the FWRC.

June 2017 general meeting minutes
Date 2017-06-28 Language  English Filesize 101.69 KB Download 690

June fox had few hunters

foxhunt cartoonWell, the June foxhunt was minimalistic in terms of hunters because only Team-Steve & Linda Nardin, W9’s SAN & LAN and their grandson Alex, and Team- Charles Ward & Fred Gengnagel, KC’s MUT & EZP, were able to participate in this month’s contest. But no matter, they were primed and ready to go at the starting point at Cobin Memorial Park, twirling their Weber Rakes (a technical term for receive antennas) in anticipation of detecting and getting a bearing on the electro-magnetic waves launched from the fox’s antenna.

The services of the fox this month was provided by Don Glick, K9LI who was situated on the back porch of his QTH out in Grabill. Don was not able to acquire the micro-fox normally used these days for our fox hunts, so locating Don constituted finding the fox for this contest.

The signal was weak but readable at the starting point. But once detected and a bearing to the north-east established the chase was on, and both teams drove like Fernando Alonso at the Indy 500. It took about 50 minutes for the hunters to get localized to the Leo-Cedarville-Grabill area. Linda, Steve and Alex went all the way around Riverside Park and down route 1, while Charles and Fred took a slower, but more precise route.

In Cedarville, the W9LAN team came upon the MUT team executing a U-turn in the middle of the road. (After phoning an anonymous tip to the Allen County Sheriff’s department regarding apparent reckless driving), they followed the Charles team over Cedar Creek and spotted the location of the fox. Charles and Fred came to rest in a cloud of tire smoke, while the Linda-Steve-Alex team approached from the rear, and the chase was now on foot! Charles was first to discover Don and wife sitting on their back porch, so that team was deemed the winner.

Following the hunt everyone boogied over to the Tasty Freeze in Grabill for banana splits and other concoctions. As Alex was recovering from quadruple wisdom teeth removal he ate (according to him) only soft, tasteless food.

Hunter June hunt points Year-to-date points
WB9RUS 0 3
WB9SSE 0 6
K9OMA 0 8.33
KA9YYI 0 6.33
W9SAN 1 5
W9LAN 1 5
Alex 1 3
KC9MUT 3 18.67
KC9EP 2 16.67
KC9UOQ 0 9.33
KK4QXC 0 8.33
K9LI 4 11


So, Charles and Fred will serve as the fox for the July hunt. Why not join us?

FWRC 146.76 MHz repeater down

FWRC BridgeCom repeaters

Well, they always say no good deed goes unpunished, and such seems to be the case with the BridgeCom Systems BCR50V repeater at Robison Park that forms the basis of our 146.16/.76 machine. We installed this hardware at Robison Park (and a similar UHF version of the machine for 444.875 MHz) over a year ago, replacing the GE Master II hardware that had previously served as our Robison Park hardware.

The BCR-50V is a modern micro-processor based system that provides state-of-the-art repeater capability features upgradeable by virtue of it being micro-processor based.  The system we installed was one of the first units developed by BridgeCom and so incorporated an early version of its operating system.  Several revisions to this software have been released by BridgeCom, and installed in our system as experience over time with the system revealed bugs, a process common with the maturation of new hardware.

Paul Prestia, KA3OPZ received a new version of software from BridgeCom after discussing things noticed by Paul, and by BridgeCom, at the Dayton (Xenia) Hamfest.  Paul just recently installed the (new software) upgrade to the Robison Park (146.76) hardware which caused the 146.76 machine to cease operating.  When he attempted to reinstall the previous version of the software, the system would still not respond. So Paul is currently working with BridgeCom to get to the bottom of the problem so that we can put the BridgeCom hardware back in service at Robison Park.

In the interim, Jim Pliett is attempting to utilize our Motorola based “emergency” repeater on 146.16/.76 from his QTH near Columbia City using a yagi, at 70 feet, aimed towards Ft. Wayne.  Depending upon how well this works, we may wind up installing the Motorola system at Robison Park until we can get the problem with the BridgeCom system resolved.

FWRC wins Indiana QSO Party!

The scores are in, and Fort Wayne Radio Club has won the club competition of this year's Indiana QSO Party!! This is mostly due to the excellent performance of Jack Shutt, W9GT, who also is the individual winner of the INQP. Way to go, Jack!!

With 167,000 points the FWRC has easily won with the second place Goshen and Kokomo clubs all beating the Indianapolis club.

To see all the scores and results, go to the link and read all about it!

Thanks to all that worked the INQP and submitted their logs. Thanks again to Jack for the biggest score in the state and helping to push FWRC over the top. This is the second win for FWRC as well, and we have the plaques to prove it, hanging in our Robison Park repeater shack

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