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FWRC participates in the annual ARRL Field Day event every June.

FWRC conducts a monthly fox (hidden transmitter) hunt from March through November.

FWRC members bring test eqiupment to one meeting per year for the club's annual "rig clinic."

Every August, FWRC hosts a free tailgate hamfest.

FWRC members participate in the ARRL VHF QSO Party from an upper level of a parking structure.

October meeting minutes available

Oct. 2014 general meeting minutes
Date 2014-11-06 Filesize 72.64 KB Download 1051

FWRC elects officers, other club news

The FWRC October meeting was Friday night, October 17th. October is our typical election month, and the BOD for 2015 was chosen that night. Results were very close, but the following won the day, and will serve for next year:

Office Winner
President Steve, W9SAN
VP Carole, WB9RUS
Secretary Al, WB9SSE
Treasurer Bob, W8ST
Communications Manager Charles, KC9MUT
Director Linda, W9LAN
Director Tom, N9TB
Director Tom, KU8T
Director Terry, K9FMX


You know how they say that your vote counts? Well, some posts were decided by one vote! This was a very close election for the contested positions. Thank you to all that threw their names onto the ballot!


The annual Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) is held the middle weekend of October for world wide connection between Girl Scouts and Guides and Boy Scouts. This year the Fort Wayne Radio Club put together two demonstrations for local scouts. At the Boy Scout office on West Jefferson in Fort Wayne, we did a short demo of ham radio using Echolink technology for Cub Scouts. This ran from 10:00 to Noon. Also, we did a much more extensive station and fox hunt setup at Camp Chief Little Turtle in Steuben County. The camp operation consisted of two HF stations, one on 40 meter CW and SSB, and a second on 20 meter SSB. It also had three hidden "foxes" and three direction-finding radio receivers for scouts to practice their skills. The operation ran from approximately 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday. There was a break for some really good camp food at lunch time.

The operation was a great success, and roughly 100 scouts passed through the communication table and the fox hunt section. I want to thank all that were involved in making this run so smoothly for the scouts:

  • Charles, KC9MUT
  • Mike, AC9BE
  • Rich, KC9PUX
  • Al, WB9SSE
  • Terry, K9FMX
  • Robert, KC9UHU
  • Jim, K9OMA

This was a great effort by the FWRC in showing off Amateur Radio Technology to a new generation! Also, it was a "shakedown" of the recently donated transceiver, the Yaesu FT-1000 Mark V, from W9INA, and it did not disappoint! What a sweet rig to operate!

October fox hunt

The October FWRC Fox Hunt was held on Sunday, Oct 19th, starting from the Public Safety Academy and using 146.430 FM simplex. The winners were Charles, KC9MUT, and Fred, KC9EZP.

See the Fox Hunt Chronicles for a full story on the hunt.

K9OMA UHF beacon slide deck available

K9OMA presents at FWRC meeting

At the September, 2014 FWRC meeting, Jim Pliet, K9OMA, presented a home-brew, portable, 434 MHz beacon transmitter and receiver system. A PDF version of Jim's slide deck is available via the link below. Photos from the meeting are available in our photo gallery.

K9OMA Beacon System, 434 MHz

K9OMA 434 MHz Beacon System

Author Jim Pliett Date 2014-10-05 Filesize 2 MB Download 2467

September meeting minutes available

Minutes of the September, 2014 general meeting of the Fort Wayne Radio Club are available on this website using the link below.

Sep. 2014 general meeting mintues
Date 2014-09-26 Filesize 71.99 KB Download 1109

Maker Faire 2014 photos available

Photos (like the one below) of FWRC's participation in the 2014 Maker Faire at Headwaters Park in downtown Fort Wayne are avaible in a new section of this website's photo gallery.

FWRC club members at Maker Faire

Wiley fox decieves hunters

foxhunt cartoonAs summer wanes and we start getting into fall, the weather remains delightful with warm days and the leaves still on the trees. But it won't be long. Sooner or later the leaves will start falling as the cool breezes give us a hint of what's to come. But for now all of our stalwart foxhunters are enjoying this weather and so meet at Krueger Park on the 7th of September to commence another search for their ever elusive quarry. The hunters consisted of the team of Steve & Linda Nardin, W9's SAN &LAN plus their grandson Alex, the team of Jim & Kim Machamer, KB9's DOS & DOT, the team of Jim & Annie Pliett, K9OMA & KA9YYI plus Carole & Al Burke, WB9's RUS & SSE, and lone hunter Bob Dean, KC9UHU.

Now the fox for this hunt was implemented through the devious services of Charles Ward, KC9MUT, Fred Gengnagel, KC9EZP & Ben Myers, N9IRX. These guys obviously watched too many Rambo movies cause they humped about two hundred pounds worth of battery, Yagi, feedline, base-station, tables, chairs, an SA-7 missile system, a Jacuzzi and various other accouterments well over a mile into the abyss known as the Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve south-east of the intersection of I69 and West Jefferson Blvd on the city's south-west side. Specifically they were located beneath a high-tension tower on Trail 2 of the preserve and from there operated as the high power fox. The low power (microfox) was located another 1000' into the preserve beneath another high-tension tower. The microfox fed a Yagi pointed straight up at the center of the tower. This seems to have caused some interesting effects regarding micro-fox signal strength during the hunt. More on that later. The fox emitted on 146.340 MHz, the input frequency for the Ft. Wayne Radio Club's 146.940/340 repeater.

The foxhunters meet at Kreager Park out by New Haven and swapped lies while waiting for the fox to erupt. It did so promptly at 13:30 hours and everyone heard it to the south-west, so off we went. By the time we got down to the corner of Lake and Coliseum, all of the other hunters seemed to have disappeared.

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