The Fort Wayne Radio Club is an organization of amateur (ham) radio operators in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Use the menu above to learn more or scroll down for the latest news!

Upcoming Events

Tue., Dec 5th, 2017, 7:00pm
FWRC Board of Directors meeting
Fri., Dec 15th, 2017, 7:00pm
FWRC Christmas Banquet
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FWRC participates in the annual ARRL Field Day event every June.

FWRC conducts a monthly fox (hidden transmitter) hunt from March through November.

FWRC members bring test eqiupment to one meeting per year for the club's annual "rig clinic."

Every August, FWRC hosts a free tailgate hamfest.

FWRC members participate in the ARRL VHF QSO Party from an upper level of a parking structure.

Renew early, get an entry for a DMR radio

A photo of, and information about, the Tytera (TYT) MD-380 handheld DMR transceiver to be given away by the Fort Wayne Radio Club

The Fort Wayne Radio Club is again offering an incentive prize for those who pay their 2018 club dues prior to and during the Fort Wayne Hamfest.

This year’s incentive is a TYT MD-380 Analog & DMR 70 cm hand-held transceiver. Check your November QST for an in-depth review of this radio. DMR is expanding rapidly and is quickly becoming a major digital mode.

Some points to remember:

  1. If you are already paid for 2018, you are automatically entered!
  2. Pay your 2018 dues at the Hamfest prior to 1:30 pm on Nov. 19 and you are entered!
  3. You need not be present to win.
  4. Additional chances can be purchased for $1 each.
  5. Drawing for the radio will be at 1:30 pm on Sunday, Nov. 19 at the hamfest.

Send any questions about this opportunity to Steve Nardin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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